Our hostel is like your cozy home you always wanted.wanted.

Excellent location and private, quiet atmosphere.

At Boutique Hostel Angel, we know that your holidays are about experiencing the country you are visiting and we want to ensure you get a quality rest so you can have more energy for your adventures!

A perfect place to stay while exploring Ljubljanaour beautiful city

If you’re looking for a quiet hostel where you can get a proper rest after a long day of exploring the surroundings, then this is your stop. With 8 beds, Boutique Hostel Angel in Ljubljana is known as the perfect getaway spot for those who want to explore the city without having to deal with a lot of people around them.


Located 500 meters from the main train station of Ljubljana and only 15 minutes walking from the city center, Boutique Hostel Angel offers you all the comfort and quality you need to rest your feet after a long day exploring our beautiful city of Ljubljana.

Ljubljana open market

Located just a stroll away from all the places that make it such an incredible city to visit.


Main bus/train station


City centre


Ljubljana’s castle



Virtual check-in

Check-in at the hostel is done virtually. Every guest receives detailed self-check-in instructions before their arrival. You enter and exit the hostel using your phone. In case guests arrive earlier they can lock their belongings in the lockers stored outside the hostel.


 At Boutique Hostel Angel you’ll enjoy a very quiet atmosphere and a private bed with lockers for your convenience. Every bed includes 3 different lockers, one big where you can lock a suitcase and two smaller lockers for smaller bags and electronic devices. LED bed lights are dimmable.

Slovenia in a nutshell. Everything you need for your pleasant stay in Ljubljana.